Thursday, April 27, 2017

Letter from HNLEA & UBPOA to DOJ

Letter from HNLEA & UBPOA to DOJ

VIA: Email & U.S. Mail

Delora L. Kennebrew, Chief
U.S. Department of Justice, Civil Rights Division
Employment Litigation Section
950 Pennsylvania Avenue, N.W.
Washington, D.C. 20530

Dear Chief Kennebrew:

On behalf of the Hispanic National Law Enforcement Association (HNLEA) and the United Black Police Officers Association (UBPOA), we are submitting additional information regarding our Department of Justice complaint against the Prince George’s County Police Department.  Please see above listed reference number and attached letter from the CRT. 

On February 8, 2017, at the request of the NAACP, HNLEA, and UBPOA, we met with Mr. Ben Lieu and Mr. Charles Phillips from DOJ’s Community Relations Division in order to mediate our racial disparities complaint within the Prince George’s County Police Department.  Mr. Lieu and Phillips later met with Chief Henry P. Stawinski, who later declined mediation help from DOJ, CRS. In addition, officers have been reporting additional racial disparities, criminal misconduct by other officers and unequal treatment of women and minorities.  These reports are coming to our attention on a weekly basis with no resolution in sight.  At this point and time our concerns cannot be resolved by the Prince George’s County Police on its own. Please see attached email to Chief Stawinski dated April 11, 2017 where a person reporting criminal misconduct is targeted.

Attached is the original complaint as well as a list of additional names of involved/targeted people, one hundred three (103) at present, as well as additional Complaint Consent forms.

We would like to meet with you or a representative of the Civil Rights Division to discuss our concerns in detail. Your help in this matter will be greatly appreciated. I can be reached at 202-957-8822. We look forward to meeting with you soon.


Joe Perez                                             Thomas Boone
HNLEA, President                              UBPOA, President

Update letter from DOJ


Update letter from DOJ

Joe Perez
Hispanic National Law Enforcement Association
P.O. Box 766
Cheltenham, MD 20623

Thomas Boone
United Black Police Officers Association
6368 Coventry Way, # 204
Clinton MD 20735

Dear Messrs. Perez and Boone:

This responds to the letters that you have forwarded to the United States Department of Justice addressed to former Attorney General Loretta Lynch and to Vanita Gupta, the former
Principal Deputy Assistant Attorney General of the Civil Rights Division. In your letters, you
raise concerns about the employment practices of the Prince George’s County, Maryland Police Department.   Your letters, with supporting documentation, have been referred to the
Employment Litigation Section of the Civil Rights Division.  We will give careful consideration to the matters contained in your letters and contact you if additional information is needed.

Delora L. Kennebrew
Employment Litigation Section